(from left to right) Ryan, Eric, Jared

On July 14, we presented Bottom of the Ninth to the San Diego comic con and finally got a chance to really show and talk about this project to the comic industry.   Opposed to the traditional “this is how we did it” speech, we chose to talk about the “Why”.  Why we worked from 10pm to 4am every single day on this.   Why we worked weekends.  Why we put more coolness into this app when we knew it was overkill.  Why our souls needed to take such a risk and make something in a market that has no measurable data to know whether this is going to succeed.  It was a very intimate and honest panel and we’re very grateful to whoever cancelled this panel spot and allowed us to fill in at the last moment. Serendipity!

Promotional baseball cards we gave away with our panel information on the back.























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